Christine Christman

As the eGuide author, it is my hope that this guide makes your job a bit easier and your shows much more successful! I created it for businesses of all sizes, company training departments, trade show organizers and vendors to pass on to their clients. Here's how it got here.... 

As the first staff writer for Exhibitor Magazine, I walked miles of aisles of trade shows, interviewing exhibits managers and over time creating the editorial format still in use today. 

During this time I published hundreds of articles and three books on trade show marketing, The Handbook of Trade Show Marketing a collection of articles published by Exhibitor Magazine,  The Guide to Successful Exhibiting  a self-study course published by Skyline Displays  and  The Complete Handbook of Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting published by Prentice Hall.

From this collection of stories, a series of best-practices began to emerge. I used those principles to create learning opportunities and worked as a consultant with Communique Exhibitor Education to educate and train sales people and marketers.  I wrote award winning manuals for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, US West Communications, and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

As best practices emerged professional speakers and leaders came forward to share their wisdom and experience and under the creative tutelage of Lee Knight and Dee Silfies, a conference took shape, The Exhibitor Show (Now known as ExhibitorLive).  I worked with the conference team to develop the Exhibitor Show Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) program and continued as its executive director, in conjunction with San Francisco State University.  I took part in creating, and now moderate their online offering Exhibitor eTrak.